Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame - Requirements

Hall of Fame Requirements

A Hall of Fame nominee does not have to be retired to be nominated or elected, however, all nominees must be at least 33 years of age.  The age requirement will not apply to any nominee who is deceased.  A nominee in all categories must have completed a minimum of 10 years service in the specific category (Exceptions: Pioneer and Sponsor categories). Categories include: Player, Umpire, Team Sponsor (five years of State, National/Divisional or World Tournament participation). Manager, Director, Pioneer (participation prior to 1985 for at least 5 years), Associate (includes any nominees that have supported the Illinois USSSA for a minimum of 10 years that do not qualify for any other category – e.g.: complexes, tournament sponsors, newspaper – writers, announcers, etc.) and Meritorious (a special category for those individuals who qualify for the Illinois Hall of Fame in more than one category).