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Hall of Fame - About

The Illinois USSSA Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed on any individual who has excelled as a player, umpire, promoter, director, etc. These individuals should be considered to be an Elite group of individuals who have promoted the Illinois USSSA in it’s highest character and integrity. These individuals have excelled in the highest levels of competition that Illinois USSSA has to offer.

Hall of Fame Requirements

A Hall of Fame nominee does not have to be retired to be nominated or elected, however, all nominees must be at least 33 years of age. The age requirement will not apply to any nominee who is deceased. A nominee in all categories must have completed a minimum of 10 years service in the specific category (Exceptions: Pioneer and Sponsor categories). Categories include: Player, Umpire, Team Sponsor (five years of State, National/Divisional or World Tournament participation). Manager, Director, Pioneer (participation prior to 1985 for at least 5 years), Associate (includes any nominees that have supported the Illinois USSSA for a minimum of 10 years that do not qualify for any other category – e.g.: complexes, tournament sponsors, newspaper – writers, announcers, etc.) and Meritorious (a special category for those individuals who qualify for the Illinois Hall of Fame in more than one category).

Hall of Honor - Lifetime Achievement Award

This high honor to bestowed on an individual who’s service, dedication, commitment and selfless hours given to the Illinois USSSA. Minimum of 20 years service to the Illinois USSSA.

Hall of Honor Teams

Illinois USSSA teams who have excelled in the USSSA on a National level and who’s dedication and loyalty have been much appreciated by the State Program. A minimum of 10 years service and registration with the Illinois USSSA.

Nomination Forms

All nominations must come from a USSSA Manager, Director or Umpire. You can print or download the appropriate nomination form by clicking the link to the left. This must be filled out completely for the category nominated and returned to the State Office by October 1 of the nominating year to be considered for election. The nomination forms are reconsidered every year for 5 years, if not elected. If you need to update your history, please contact the State Office. Please include at least 10 copies of your biography. A recent head shot photo and past photo (playing days or action shot) must accompany the biography (do not need multiple photos). The newly elected Hall of Fame members will be announced at the banquet on Saturday night. New Hall of Fame Inductees will be inducted at the banquet the following year.

IL Hall of Fame Contact

Brenda Paulson
6420 Porter Rd. - Rockford, IL 61101
815-964-3538 - Fax: 815-964-3551