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12th Edition Rulebook

2013 Frozen and Locked Rosters

Updated February 7, 2013

All teams must add their roster on the web site prior to entering any USSSA tournament. A team must have their roster on ISTS within a few days upon registering. All rosters must be verified by the Roster Manager and any team without a roster on the web site may be removed from said tournament. This will insure the team is playing in the appropriate team/age classification. After a roster has been added to ISTS the roster will be locked and only the Roster Manager will have access to make any changes to this roster. You will be allowed multiple changes to your roster as long as the players meet the age/class requirements to play in that program and is approved by the Roster Manager. Exception: The Women’s Program will not have a locked or frozen roster until the World Series.

All rosters will be frozen on July 1 for those teams that have qualified for a World Series. This also includes teams that qualified in the Fall and Winter months for the World Series. After the July 1 date, teams are allowed to add or delete up to 3 players from their frozen roster. Any additions must be approved by each age division’s Roster Manager prior to adding to the current roster.

New Team Classification – Class “B” teams are allowed up to 3 former Class “A” players to their roster. Only one of these 3 additions can be a former Class “A” pitcher. These teams will be monitored closely by Gene Head, Classification Director, and the Roster Managers. Note: Adding any “A” player to an already strong “B” team could result in a reclassification to “A” for the entire team.

The above new rules will make it easier for your team to play in USSSA tournaments and not have the restrictions that an early frozen roster can bring if you qualified for the World Series months prior to the World Series. This is keeping in line with other State Programs but we are still monitoring the rosters of Class “B” and “C” teams to insure parity in each program.

Contact Roster Manager for each age group;

18U – Rick Eklund – 847-650-7910 or
15/16U – Ed White –
13/14U – Larry Eissler –
8/9/10/11/12U - Gene Head - 630-452-6572 or - Team Classification Director
All Class “C” teams –Joe Roberts – or 630-546-3334