Fast Pitch Softball

Fast Pitch - F. A. Q.s

Listed below are some frequently asked questions by Team Managers to the State Office and/or Fast Pitch Directors. Go to the Official Fast Pitch Playing Rules & By-Laws printed on the National web site at for more detailed information.

Question:  Can I play in the 16U state tournament and a couple of tournaments at the 18U level and still go to the 16U nationals?

Answer: You can pursue a USSSA World Series berth based on participation in the IL USSSA program. One of the ways to qualify for the World Series is thru the At Large Berth program. You must play at least 3 USSSA tournaments and one of these must be a State Tournament. And yes, you can play up into a higher age/class to qualify in this manner.

Question:  If I had (2) girls from my 13u team play up for the 14u and they qualified for Nationals, do you know the ruling on this?  Basically, they are on my 13u roster, but helped the 14u team in one tournament in the fall.  Since this is a USSSA tournament, I'm not sure what the rule is or whether they need to be removed from the 14u roster at a particular time?  We are both entered into your tournament, in the same division, so I would assume that they would need to be removed from the 14u roster, but would they need to be removed before our season starts? I am just making sure since we are entering more than 1 USSSA tournament and do not want any conflicts.

Answer:  If the 14U team qualified for the World Series, those 2 players are frozen to the 14U team for the remainder of the 2011 season. This means they can only play with the 14U team in any USSSA tournaments. However, the Manager of the 14U team may release those 2 players so the 13U team or any other team is eligible to pick-up those 2 players.  The Manager of the 14U team would need to remove them from the 14U team prior to participating with any other team. Once the players are removed from a frozen roster, (14U team) they would not be eligible to rejoin that 14U team at a later time. A player may be released from only one qualified team’s roster during the current season. This 14U roster is frozen until the season is over, which is July 31 or after the World Series. Go to web site under 2011 Official Playing Rules & By-Laws under Article IV. Individual Player Eligibility, Section 4 and Section 5 for more info.